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Bean Drinking
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Riding the 3rd Wave.


We are not talking surfing bro... We are talking coffee, and when it comes to the consumption and development of coffee as a drink, it has evolved significantly over recent years.

Third Wave coffee is all about letting the coffee speak for itself.

1st Wave

The 'first wave' of coffee was all about consumption, and peaked when freeze-dried techniques made instant coffee popular if not necessarily good. It was about appreciating what coffee gave us: the caffeine buzz, and a hot drink to enjoy a conversation with friends over.

2nd Wave

The 'second wave' came with the globalisation of coffee chains and franchise organisations attempting to dominate the marketplace. It was about consumerism, the enjoyment of coffee, and attempting to define speciality by moving the focus from robusta coffee (traditionally used in instant coffee) to arabica coffee which is typically considered a higher quality bean. It was about modifying the drink to taste like anything other than coffee by adding sweetners, sprinkles, syrups, whipped cream and milk.

3rd Wave

The 'third wave' is about taking coffee to a whole new level of sensory experience, enjoyment and appreciation. 'Third Wavers' appreciate each coffee for what it truly is and take whatever necessary steps to highlight the amazing, unique character in every coffee. They acknowledge that everything and everybody involved every step of the way is centered on the quality of the coffee that fills the cup.


Typically, 'third wave' cafes such as Bean Drinking:

  • use specialty coffee roasted in small batches either in-house or by an artisan roaster
  • treat coffee as 'fresh produce' and use coffee that is typically between 7 to 14 days from roasting
  • use coffee that is roasted slightly lighter so that the true flavour nauances of the coffee can come through in the cup
  • know the traceability of their coffee, and the farmers and produces responsible for the beans they use
  • encourage their customers to experience coffee made in various ways such as pour over, cold drip as well as espresso



People say nice things!
  • "Bean Drinking's strength is in serving top quality specialty coffees - including Cup of Excellence and small micro lot and boutique coffee"
    Cafe Culture Magazine