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Bean Drinking
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Do you drink your coffee NAKED?

No, we are not trying to be 'fruity'... well ok, just a little!!!

We are talking NAKED Portafilters, and if you havent tried a coffee off a NAKED Portafilter then quite frankly, you haven't lived!

The NAKED Portafilter started off life in the industry as a training tool to ensure that Baristas were correctly tamping their coffee. What was quickly identified was that when you whipped that naughty little bottom and spouts off the normal boring handles most Espresso Bars use, and instead just allowed the coffee to drip seductively into the cup without disturbing the crema, you end up with a richer tasting, fuller bodied espresso....

We have now combined our NAKED Portafilters with the new precision VST Baskets, and are getting some amazing shots on both the SLAYER and SYNESSO on our entire range of Blends and Single Origin specialty coffee.

Put simply, our espresso is delish!

So next time you are in Crows Nest, dont forget to visit Bean Drinking... go on... after all, our Baristas have gone naked just for you! ;-)

  • More gas expansion
  • More crema
  • More volume
  • Better extraction
  • Better taste
People say nice things!
  • "Bean Drinking is the past, and more over the future of serious coffee"
    The Sydney Coffee Guide