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Bean Drinking
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The impact that humanity has on the environment, and the way in which businesses and individuals should treat our world and each other is one of the most pressing questions of modern society. So, how can a small company like Bean Drinking contribute and make a difference to a global problem?

Here are just some of the actions we are taking on a daily basis that we hope will make a difference.

Products and Suppliers

We are:

  • sourcing only coffee that is traceable back to the farmer, co-op, plantation or estate on which it was grown
  • sourcing only coffee that is certified organic or was grown organically by tradition
  • sourcing relationship coffees that bring us directly closer to the farmer and farming communities
  • sourcing Cup of Excellence coffees that pay top harvest prices to farmers for exceptional quality
  • sharing coffee origin information with our customers to raise awareness of the farmers who produce the coffee
  • using local providers for other goods and services
  • consolidating and reducing the number of deliveries we have each week as a business


We have:

  • built our espresso bar from reclaimed fixures, fittings and salvaged wood
  • refashion our old coffee sacks into, artwork, tabletops, shop fittings, handbags, satchels and shopping bags
  • sourced renewable energy contracts for our site
  • sourced recycled equipment where appropriate
  • retrofitted all lighting to low energy, and reduced the number of fittings in use
  • reduced the water flow of all taps by using restrictors
  • reduced the volume of packaging we use, and use recycled products where possible
  • implemented centralised timers to reduce and automate power consumption of certain equipment
  • recycle all glass, plastics, paper wastage, and are exploring community based composting

Education & Community

We are:

  • actively engaged with Crows Nest Mainstreet and North Sydney Council to support the re-generation of Crows Nest
  • active participants in Small Business Sustainability Programmes such as "Village Green" and "Better Business Partnership" who externally audit our sustainability actions as a small business, and assist us in the creation of action plans



People say nice things!
  • "This is clearly a place this is serious about the way they treat their coffee."